If You decide to learn about programming language (Java, SQL,..) or how to create own Database or You need explanation about some parts from Computer Science or how create own Web Site or Blog, You are on right place !

Database and MySQL, can be realized as consulting or by program based on your current skills or level. To learn Database, you can start with the initial level (BEGINNER) lasting 25 hours and are held in the dynamics of 2 or more hours per session, depending on your progress and MySQL (same level) in 15 hours. Also, knowledge level is estimated in half hour conversation and is often used for preparing study guide and it is free of charge.

Generally, prices depend on your knowledge level and of course, if it have to been adopted for You,  price is higher.

One consultant hour start from 45 eur per hour. Every fifth hour is FREE of charge !

When lessons can be followed up ?

It is always per agreement with You and it have to be arranged 48 hours before lessons. Of course, Skype is preferred for communication but we can arrange something else. Please, do not hesitate to contact me, for further questions. You can use WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System on this web site.

PS. What You Can Get ?

The possibility that someone use knowledge and experience to explain You the necessary knowledge and easily deploy it without any problems on their own. It assumes, that You receive further support.